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Ravenswood Medical Practice 

Supports the Foxhall Centre

We were absolutely delighted to have been a Charity of the Year and to have received a cheque for over Seventeen Hundred Pounds recently from Ravenswood Medical Practice.  We would like to say thank you so much from all our members, Tustees and staff to the staff and volunteers for their wonderful

efforts to raise funds in

support of our charity and

especially the lovely cake


Thank you to the Fynn Valley Golf Club for choosing us as their Charity of the Year and raising over 1,500 for our charity. We are delighted to hear that we will again be their Charity of the Year in 2020 and look forward to working with them again. 

Thank you to the Barnes Group
We were delighted to receive an unexpected cheque in the sum of fifteen hundred pounds from the wonderful Barnes Group in support of our charity.  Whilst we did not win their charity of the year voting process we were recognised by Barnes as being a local charity providing essential services to older people and worthy of their support. Thank you so much and thank you to all staff who voted for us.
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There are no events planned at the moment but please do visit this page again in the future to see if we have been able to organise an event you may be interested in 


We are pleased to be able to provide a third dementia day each week and have extended  our services to include  Mondays.     


If you need extra support or are looking for professional respite care for a loved one either on an adhoc or regular basis, then our new Musical Monday & Wednesday service may be the ideal solution for you. 


Music related activities are known to be of great benefit to people with a dementia and or Alzheimes and we will be focusing on musical activities of all sorts including, singing, dancing, musical entertainment and  musical games etc, all of which will be great fun to take part in. 

To find out more and to secure your place please call the centre on 01473 272038.  


We are delighted to be open again and welcome new members to the centre.   If you are interested in attending the centre please contact us by emailing or phoning 01473272038 or by using the contact form on this website.

Your details will be taken and we will book you a taster day with a view to you starting at the centre as soon as possisble.

New members must have had both covid vaccinations.  

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Bean bag skittles and Spooky fun at the centre playing Ghost-skittles 


 support the Foxhall Centre

We were delighted to have received a cheque for over Two Thousand Pounds from the wonderful fundraising efforts of the Ladies that Lunch.    Thank you so much to everyone who supported us.

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